Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The 13 digit foreign Number

So I contacted T. Mobile about this number. The first woman said she'd never heard anything of the situation. The guy she transfered me too helped me out enough! He explained that the first 4 numbers which were +2348 represented the country, the next few numbers were city and state codes. he said that The person who was calling me could've had the wrong number because they called multiple times and hadnt called back since.

Thats Scary. because by me hearing the forign voice. the first thing that came to mind was that this was a person either stealing my identity.*deletes all my info off pc quickly .lol* or some Terrorist. T- Mobile said that they cant block calls but he did give me 75 extra minutes. he also said that Calls from outside the country are Free. yet i cant call them back.

Bad Enough Im dealing with the Spyware of the "Quick://" thingy what ever that may be.

Right now im on Internet thats weirdbecause i rarely use it!

+2348030840761 <-- was the number that called here

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