Sunday, June 24, 2007

an AFTER party? ..

well, many of my family members have come back to the house today to "PARTY!" .. yeah .. Good for them, SUX FOR ME!! .. im not letting them Kids in my room Im glad i did decide to remove the PS2 from the dresser!

Im Done Editing the pictures, I hand put any in an online album yet. What sucks about it is that I have Pictures that are uneditable because of Blurry-ness but my mom wants to keep them, So i tried my best to fix them. As much as i get cussed out because she says that i don't know to take good clear pictures with her camera.hmmm,, She has some Pretty BAD ones here. i told her that its not me, its the camera and the lighting.. Well.. she sees for her self.. lol it aint my fault! .lol

Speaking of that.. I gotta get me some new video/audio and still frame EQUIPMENT!

Other than that.. man.. They had fun last night, I know because I was here ..LOL. BACK TO THE PARTY!! Tory's got the DJ set, The Kids are Trippin' Hard and im still on Call, They Bam on my door hoping I'll let them in .. NOPE!! .. I was supposed to help with the Cleanup.. oh well, looks like we aint cleanin no time soon. lol
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