Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bobby Cutts or Bobby Kills?

I've been watching the News, Mainly Fox and CNN about the case of the missing pregnant lady (Jessie Davis). Yesterday while they were searching the house and nearby areas Ole' Bobby was just chilling out on the lawn, calm and answering questions. Today Bobby Led them to the body, but denies killing Jessie, Yet his involvement gives him the Murder charge.

I actually was hoping that they'd find her alive. You know. we (black folks) always support the Black people in these situations. then we get either extremely angry or happy by the end result. but hey, If he did it, thats his lick and he needs to be in Jail. The Media gonna most likely make this a Big Racial issue. Similarities to the Peterson case. yet we don't want this to be like OJ's Case.

The Name Bobby Cutts is the worst name to have in this case scenario. it's almost like an alias that a wrestler or Movie bad guy would have. Yesterday I thought it was cool. But now that he's participated in this, He's gotta have some sort of guilt on his heart to Hide the body. maybe he panicked. like Rivera Said, but i doubt that.

I feel sorry for the family of Jessie. Double Homicide, Suicide, Something???!!! I'll Keep Watching!

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