Saturday, June 23, 2007

Celebrity Fit Club was great

The other day I was watching the show, and man, Warren G tried his best to hold it down for the hood, but man, He really doesn't need to. He was (is) a rapper from the 90's Turned proud father. I was happy for the dude myself. That show is inspiring, really! Bratt was looking good in her girlly gear ..(which has only been seen a few times on camera) Maureen lost a whole lot of weight also THE CHIOR CAME OUT FOR HER. LOL!! .. Kimberly "The Idol" slimmed up well also.... REALLY ALL OF THEM DID! .. I LOVE THAT SHOW MAN!

What i love is that i saw that after losing all that weight they all look WAY YOUNGER than what they did before the Trimming. Dustin Diamond is a Mess this wasn't the show for him. he needs to do Surreal Life.

Didnt tod Bridges participate in a Previous Season of The Show? I THINK I

I Was gonna write about this the other day, but something had my attention. Im watching a rerun now.


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