Wednesday, June 06, 2007

ghost story for ya

heres a ghost story...

in july 2005 we brung my brother to TSU's camp Our First time in Houston, we took pictures at the hotell. One of the pictures of my sister my bro N Law came out Smokey.. so I took my time to scan this picture, blow it up, and brighten it up. in the picture my mom seemed to had recognized faces, so did my cousin. we even spotted a Hand and arm at the bottem of the picture. other than smoke there were those little circled orbs .. (orbs are supposed tp represent the presence of life/death/ghosts)

Well.. 28 days later Katrina happened and My Cousins and her husband and kids came over to the house ..her Husband Died in the storm that left 7 kids with NO DADDY in a matter of seconds. We were Transported to houston by the 1st of September. (My Cousin was shipped to ATL) no less than 3 weeks later My sister found an Apartment. The Apartment was Real nice. The od part is that It wsa Directly accross from a Tree that Looks EXACTLY like the Hand in the picture .. Behind this tree there was a Graveyard ..

That right there was just WEIRD to us. well.. Lifes ups and downs happened and now were all back in N.O biggrin.gif ..

To me .. thats crazy.
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