Thursday, June 28, 2007

if i really gave my honest opinion about things on here, it would make a load of people mad with me :D .. do i cere .. yes thats why i made this thred

Usually majority of my postings are on MXP, but when it comes to bands, there are LOTS of bands who i think are Pure Trash and need a lot of work done. Yeah I may like the band, but it doesnt mean that i think they sound great ..LOL

I posted this in MXP because usually people on the band boards dot come here to read.

* Cracking on GSU is funny but their members get seriously mad
* When They Get Mad, They dont post, they just assume that everybodies a hater
* People rerely get on SU because the members are at a mass on these sites. Their not a perfect band, but they deny any mistakes and faults when made on their behalf. even if its on tape. The Pride is very strong, but pride doesn't hide the truth . Such as Being boo'd at BOTB's, Still a Great band.
* Texas Southern Hasn't been the same since 2003, Not because of the influx of N.O band members, But because of transitioning of Directors over the years Such as the the Death of Prof Jackson and The New Philosophy of Prof Gibson. The band Is is like the Howard of the swac. Behind Every Good Year theres a bad year. Nothing Too Consistant. thats a bad thing.
* Alcorn is not as good as Jackson State,
* Prarie View is the most Moderate of the SWAC, They are worth battling at any time. because you don't know what they'll pull off the shelves next.

... yeah thats about all for now bur u get the picture tho rite? .. koo...
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