Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mass Killing in My Back yard!

ahh man.. I just lefr from outside where I had just killed about 15 Roaches, I had Multiple Spray Cans of Raid and Out door Repellents to Release The Spray of the Kill!, as much as i swatted flies this morning, The Roaches have made me one Tired Soul .. I saw one in my room earlier which made me go outside to take part in the kill, Nothing but Roach and Lesser bug Guts outide and on the bottem of my shoe!.

There are bugs all over everything though. I should take a picture of my hands and arms so that you could see some of the damage to my body from these bites / bumps.. it's just gotta be from litlle bugs .. I can feel when they're there, Yet i can not see them, The Itching Bleeding seriously needs to stop. the sad part is that its all over my body and not just my arms.

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