Tuesday, June 26, 2007

RAW . Benoit, The Cam. and Just random.Thoughts

As I Posted in the last entry, Yeah Rest in peace, I missed the begining of the show because my mom got a new Camera and i wanted to test it out. But from what i heard, Vince McMahon came out in the beginning of the show to pay tribute. I watch the rest of the show. Benoit was one of the greatest wrestlers in my life time. All thr wrestlers have paid their respects.

They say he wasnt at the PPV for a Family Emergency.. Maybe Someone had killed him then? thats a shame .. I turned on CNN Headline news but the only thing she was talking about was the Jessie Davis/Bobby Cutts Jr. Situation. I got A Call from my Older Brother who said that it was on a local news station that The family had been murdered. Rumors say it was Triple Suicide. I want to follow this story, its a shame that someone has Killed A Great man and his family. Who Ever Did it wil get what they Desirve In the End, Thats Hard Jail Time!!

Other than that, It Rained today, My Mom has a Digital Video DVD recorder its cool, I want one with a built in Hard Drive though. I recorded a few things but i'll play with it a few days from now. GET READY YOUTUBE!! ..lol yeah!! THIS IS GREAT!!

We still have cleaning up to do. I should go to sleep now though because my back hurts.

Seems like everyone had fun at the Extreme battle of the bands. cool! ..lol

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