Sunday, June 24, 2007

so i was watching this stuff

about the END OF THE WORLD! or atleast "Dooms Day" on the history channel..right ..

According to south American time telling calender The World has been Predicted to end in December 2012, same as a Old Chinese Theory Books of Time .. i forgot what it was called but it also said that December 2012 would be the date of doom .. Both RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

That sux, because i want to see my grandkids ..

Anyway my lifetime the world was supposed to end 3 times already, and The 2nd time was dubbed Y2K becauise they thought everything maintained by a computer system would fail if not updated to the 2000 time fram .. other than that, people really thought that there were gonna be riots and time ending things superstition and scraryness had people going crazy for a minute

i aint goin' for it this time
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