Saturday, June 23, 2007

so its on and my brother and i are staying. yeah yeah!

I've been on Beck & Call since all day, Killing flies, cleaning up and moving things around. The party has begun and my brother and i are staying IN OUR ROOMS! .. why u ask? because its a Bridal Shower and theres going to be a SKRIPPA (just kidding). yeah. This is OUR HOUSE so we can stay, there will be no picture taking or anything of that nature, but we'll be just fine

I haven't eaten all day. I hope they dont forget im here ..LOL, What i need to do is go to sleep like my brother's gonna do.

Right now I should be at a battle of the bands, I got a phone call from someone who said that EVERYBODY's looking for me ..LOL thats not a good thing man..LOL yeah im the world famous Book (lol) of the band world. and people love me I bet Kandace is there too. I wish i could've been there because i had so many friends who are there. On that note, 'll just wait for the Clips, thats all im gonna say to that.

Speaking of Kandace, Well we hadn't talked to eachother in a while, I think she's been avoiding me on purpose. she took her name off of her facebook although were still myspace top 10. she had a reason for the think on facebook. but she never added me back, she stopped poking me (lol) and she also Deleted the drawing i did from her facebook page. from there i wondered why. It wasnt anything nasty. other people had jokes but mines said "Milk Does a Body Good".. which was an inside joke, but only she would've gotten that. I guess its because of my name change to something else a few days ago. But man Its ME .. She hadn't called. answered or responded to messages since i said something regarding to her band. Other than that. She had a derogatory status message that pertained to a male. It couldn't have been me though. the last time i talked to her she was mad because of what had went on between her and Desmond, which is her Crab Brother. Yeah, she was angry with him for acting differently in front of his friends. such as making Breasts jokes and things about her when his friends (who she doesn't know). nw as for me. Kandace and I get down like that so its the total opposite. I think im gonna stop messing with her like that myself though.

With that said.. Girls have too many problems ..LOL because the anger is totally different than others. I just don't understand it

the pic has nothing to do with this entry. thats Al & Janae.. My Buddies from Houston

Note From The Book

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