Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Wedding was Great

I'm proud of my sister and Bro-N-Law, They deserve everything that's come to them, a Marriage, A new OWNED home, and a Baby on the way! . Only God!!! ..

So Here's basically a rundown of my day ....

This Morning

I got up at 8 to get my Hair Cut at 9, didn't get it cut to nearly 10, It was swell though, I really didn't care that the Barber talked badly about Evangelists and what they do, yeah some of them are scams, some of what he said was funny too. I just really hated the fact that he Interpreted Benny Hinn's power of prayer WRONG!. Benny Hinn Never said that he could Heal people. The Thing is that, These people come to his service with problems, and have felt a healing or an anointing of some sort at the time, Then, They ask anyone who's felt a healing come up on them To come up on stage.. Then They go talk live to Benny, he asks them whats wrong with them.. Then he prays with them a bit and ask them if they are feeling better (basically) .. Usually they say Yes and Benny Touches them on the forehead and the person falls back and is caught the "falling people catchers" while being prayed for at the same time .. then is pulled off the stage for another person to do the same.. Yeah it's "show" but the power of prayer is REAL The Barber got back to saying that his brother went to Benny Hinn and claimed that he was healed , jokingly the Barber said that his brother is even more sick than he was before he went on .. The Barber would babble on about how false he felt that the heeling process was along with other thing ..he doesnt allow other peoples opinion. he wants you to agree with him .. that sucks ... i tried to tell him about Kerney Thomas Ministries .. which basically HE's a Conn Artist who wants u to send money to him for Prayers .. or like the guy who used prayer cards to tell u that god is talking to him .. ..NOW .. what the barber was right about was the fact that there are churches where the preacher states that the Money is going to god ... .. I was going to tell him how it's supposed to work, but he wont listen.. Sux..

Other than that .. He cut my hair, I dont care for the lining though

To Grandmothers House I Go

Yeah.. Everyone was prepairing for this wedding, My aunt was cooling, I was running back and forth to the store, Durring one run I had seen a News break that stated that Dr Honore's Dental Facility wa set a blaze. they suspect a woman who has been there earlier that day . It was a Two Alarm Fire, I talked to The Honore's that day, because the place is right up the street from my granny's .. from that point .. all i could say was that Behind every Terrible / Tragic event , Good things are Will occur and Blessings are on the say. I went to Dr Honore's before the storm I was glad to see them up and running, now this .. shame huh? .. Before that there was breaking News that The guy who had been accused of Killing Hot 8 Brass bandsmen " Dinerral Shavers" Has been dropped of all charges, its a shame, Justice hasn't been served in the case of another Well known Musician .. Only Because a Mother didnt want her daugher who was a witness, to testify.. Well.. its sad...

After Trafficing Food

I went home to get ready for the Wedding then to the Church, Before the church though I went to pick up an extension cord Then I got Set up to wait for everything to start... EVERYTHING WENT BY WELL IN MY BOOK!

The Wedding

Before the wedding I got a chance to see some relatives i had not seen since Pre Katrina...
I saw my Cousin Dustin for the first time in 10 years ..LOL .. It was nice but Merl started things too fast .. I was soo proud of my sister and Bro N Law .. I'll post a clip or something one day ..

After the wedding i spoke it Reverend Darby about some things, He was encouraging me to attend SUNO as hopefully i will, at the time i had Lost my extension Cord .. So while we left, I got a ride from Merl so we went to get some others ..

The Reception

WAS THE BEST.. It was like a family reunion ..with Everyones family.. many of My dads side, Much or my Moms side or course .. I have EVERYBODY doing EVERYTHING at the reseption. When i first got set up, I dont know who this lady was but she got mad at me because I moved a chair that NOBODY WAS SITTING IN to my cousin.. She looked at me and saud " NOW U WRONG FOR THAT, U KNEW SOMEBODY WAS SITTING THERE' .. no i didnt, "YES U DID, YOU WRONG FOR THAT" .. so as i ignored it, She talked about me to some other .. Tooting their noses and crap at me as if i had done them something wrong oh well.. i dont know them.. they just want attention.. Anyway .. I had fun taping other than the fact that Merl kept bothering me about what to tape and when to eat im like I KNOW WHAT IM DOING IM A GROWN MAN.. I HAVE EXPERIENCE IN THESE THINGS!! ... but as my mom agreed again that I dont know what im doing ..LOL .. RETARDED!!! ... anyway Everything was beautiful

I saw Cousins who i hadnt seen it even more years .. LOL all that was all good EVERYTHING WAS EVERYTHING ..

other than that, Merl wants her DVD tomorroiw, but i cant do that tomorrowm im going to latrice's house for the AFTER PARTY (thats basically what it is) ..

Its so much that i could explain but yet its too much

Yeah.. I love my sister and im very proud of her!...

Thank You Jesus for Keeping my sister and Family Strong!
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