Thursday, June 28, 2007

whats happenin!

Well, Today i go to get everything done.. My haircut, Clothes and well.. lol probably a dvd or two

Yeah, the wedding is friday, the practice was funny (confusing) everybody's cool... I'll be taping. hopefully it goes well, i'll have to be there earlier than a whole lot of people,

When i get back home, i have to find an exstention cord to see if i can tape this thang right, I should go get some more DVD's because i feel that the service will be longer than what i think. Im gonna look fairly cray up on the preachers stage all by myself. lol LORD LET ME GET THINGS TOGETHER FAST!! ..

In other news, I've been Booting, Rebooting and everythung, All is going well, but now the pc doesnt want to recognize my harddrive , i hope its not the harddrive. The USB ports on that pc is old! .. oh man..
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