Sunday, July 29, 2007

as i sit here waiting for a video to complete its making

I shall blog about how i am currently feeling at the monent, only in List form
  • I really need to be sleeping right now
  • My DVD didn't turn out so great.
  • this means i have to redo that.
  • Blogging has become a whole lot easier for me since the beginning of my journey.
  • Especially because Spell Check and how it does wonders.
  • I guess you can call me a Random blogger
  • Or maybe a "Me Blogger"
  • Its July 29th I've realized that My Vista Membership has Expired
  • and will require me to attend another orientational services if i am chosen again for this program
  • I wouldn't mind taking another Trip to Austin or Boston.
  • But lately Planes have been The Scary Thing In the news
  • Planes and Choppers Crashing
  • A Mess!
  • I just want to get my life on track
  • I have Bills to pay
  • Things to Get
  • Hobbies that I Want to Turn into Careers!
  • Yall just dont know.
  • My Goals have been Halted,..
  • But Thats my Fault
  • I gotta GOOOOOO!! ..
  • I Have to Move!
  • I need to be out of here
  • Seriously!
  • I Love myself!
  • Things are getting better though!.
  • and with GOD It'll be Greater!

And That Completes my List...

Note From The Book
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