Monday, July 09, 2007

The Bus Rides

I Miss Those old days when We'd Ride to Performances. We'd either sing songs, Rib, or talk noise on the way to our destinatin. We even sometimes had a Boom Bus when i was at The K . .. yeah buddy!.. That bus had some Woofers on that sucka! Anyway.. There was a video on Youtube that i cant seem to find, it was of a band busride that reminded me of those days ...
I miss it just as much as my Crab years at the K, Which was hard yet it was worth it.

I loved Performances with Carver.. YEP we used to do Conventions together, Riding on the same bus at times.. If we weren't Ribbin' We'd be listening to Wil or Lo Tell a JFK Throwback story) .. Life was fun.. much easier times .. I loved it and I miss it man.. lol
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