Sunday, July 01, 2007

Gotte Live Around it....

I made a Comment on B.Rox Entry "Ugly"

Here's my comment

I’ve Lived in New Orleans since Birth! (yay me)

The Corruption will always no mater if we trust or dont trust the people who we vote in. They blame Nagin for everything. he came in to Mayor-dom within a Corrupt system already, Same as it it was when i was in Elementary School

in 1994 it seemed like the most violent year in N.O History, over 400 murders alone. 10 years down the line, we had become not only the murder capitol but a crime Capitol as well. We’ve managed to live around this, Right? YEP!.

Growing up in the St. Bernard projects wasn’t hard for me, Yet I’ve seen my fair share of Dead bodies, Big Guns and Illegal activity. but I had to live around it even after knowing of people that i had grown up with Dying or Murdering people themselves. Usually they’d been killed was because of something stupid, but it happens. Just because it happened around me doesn’t mean i’m apart of that crowd. I still had to live around this stuff

i went to 3 schools in the 7th ward. I always thought they were good schools. The Kids in my time were born from The parents who were 60’s and 70’s babys, they were like the Rebels of the Old School (lol) . so when things got settled for them, they felt that it wasn’t necessary to teach the child to behave — it was more like “Be yourself, but if u get in trouble, we cant help you” .. which that passed down to the 80’s kids who took that to another level.. So basically.. this lead to loads of Kids dropping out of School only to later depend on everything the System has to offer.

Eventually the Crimes get worse because of those conditions, the laws and policy’s aren’t being enforced enough and the people and their “F The World” attitudes” have created a Never Ending Cycle.

Crime and Corruption will always be the case. all we can do is strive to make it better. and we cant even do that without someone being killed days later. shame but true.

…. lol i think i just went way off subject

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