Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I aint really got much goin on.

I think i might do another vide of the game .. but that boring too ..LOL

That Yaz Ad is so Revealing. LOL yall know woman dont talk like that to eachother
Just like the Ensite ad where the guy has this Smile stuck on his face.. LMAO!!

lawt! ...

Ahh.. July 4th.. The only day in America where things can Blow up and not be considered a Terrorist threat! .

No.. Really though, In N.O. Explosives of any kinda are Illegal. They're not sold here but you can still bring them in to the city. When I was young, it was cool to see people blow things up with home made bombs and firecrackers. I've seen Dumpsters sat on fire, cars blow up. everything. Back then, it was all fun. now its all Terrorism ..

today was a good day for people who wanted to separate themselves from another country. But it still was bad for Colored people. back then, you were colored if you weren't white, thats how that worked ..shame but true.

What does This mean for Native Americans... Jack huh
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