Monday, July 09, 2007

oh well thats nice

okay, maybe the info i posted about them were wrong, doesnt mean that i have to apologize for it, I didnt put up the argument, i wasnt trying to argue all i was doing was tryin to show some cool pics. yall she had to do was tell me the info wasnt true.. why want an apology? because i was wrong? or because u called to prove me wrong? ..

come on now, Im sticking to my word.. No need to apologize ..

I thought this was funny because she apparently felt it was my fault. Im not gonna argue with u to prove a point. LOL .. thats dumb.. and the crazy part is that she was really mad. lol

<-- I the book Will not Argue, I'll say what i believe and Get on with it.. I don'r mind being Corrected. but yeah I'd rather be corrected in the proper way.

I didnt diserve the face hang up .. but still i got it and she even tryin to put that on me now .. ahhh!!
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