Sunday, July 08, 2007

Solicitation of Murder

I Was watching this thing on TV last night about a guy who has planned the murder of his wife. he was sentenced to death by lethal injection in the end. Is first Charge was Solicitation of Murder...

This prompted me to blog about the Murders amongst black man...

usually when their are murders that relate to Drugs, Gangs and Turf. there is always more than one person involved in the crime, even if it is ONE steady murderer why? because usually the guns are Stolen by Thieves then are Given to the Murderers who are usually Told to go and do the crime for compensation. End the end, they find the guns stolen, .. nobody where the guns came from though. A few times i've seen where Gun Shops get the blame and all the Owners can do is Apologize and give sympathy. Unfortunately its not their fault nor place to even have to comments on that. To me.. It all needs to get down to "Who Stole and Gave the guns away" ... Right? .. Also, to that persons Motive. Usually the persons motive isn't Due to continence telling him/her to do it.. its because someone said "yeah mayne, go whack'em" ... AND THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO NEED TO BE IN JAIL!" dont you think?

Months ago here in N.O. a boys mom told him to Kill another kid. THE KID LISTENED! .. is it still his fault? YES because a 17 year old should know when to makje the RIGHT CHOICES! .. ya feel me? ..

Same thing eh? .. Makes u feel like they all need to be arrested and charged. In N.O. usually everybody goes free after a few months because our D.A. is lame, the Court System SUX and so does the Prison itself. Especially when prisoners have all the time in the world to attempt excaping by CHIPPING THRU A HALL WALL FROM THE 3RD FLOOR.. lol how dumb!

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