Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Everybody's Sick and Everybody's Feeling Queezy

I think Their's a stomach Virus going around. ever since my niece came over and puked on the floor everyone has been feeling bad and puking .. I haven't but its true though.

I went shopping yesterday and when I got back home I felt Sick. Maybe because at 5am yesterday I had to clean up my nieces puke. My Nephew Puked 3 Times, Once in My brothers Bed, That Time I didn't clean it up..

My Bro In Law, My Nieces, & Nephews, My Dad and Myself all feel the same.. Queezy !
yeah man, I spent like 100 Dollars on Clothes for Me, 4 shirts and 1 pair of trousers (lol at One Pair) ..
And I bought Endwar for like 60 Dollars Thats a Nice Game. I wanted Smackdown vs Raw 09 for both systems but it wasn't there. so I got my brother Endwar .. thats his Christmas Gift from me

Ahh Man.. lol I need more Sleep!
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