Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Like Them Natural

It's wild man, This Morning after getting up from 4 wake up calls I decided to mess with My buddy Chari, which eventually made me tell her that I have this thang for Natural Beauty's. Not only as in a Natural Hair Though, I'm referring to the Natural Look as a whole. As i told her in a Txt . "If it Ain't Natural, It's a Lie" .. and that's just about the truth.

Many times Femakes go and get extended hair and extra temporary enhancements to make them look good. I don't have a Problem with that because everyone does it. If you look good, Do It but It's when They overdo it that becomes the problem. I hate the smell of cosmetics, and when a they wear Heavy powdery make up just Makes me nauseous....

I guess I can say it like this, Someday Mask has to come off. I want to see A Natural Face when I look at my woman. LOL I don't wan't to find out how you REALLY look in mid relationship. I would be more acceptant of your flaws if you allow me to see them at their natural state .LOL ..

Now, on To The HAIR!..

Like I said, I have No Problem with perms or extentions, but its something about a woman with that natural nappy-ness that just looks Good!... I've even told some of my buddies that I didn't like it when they got the Extended peices Or color their hair some other kind of way to Enhance their heads..LOL Sometimes it ain't woth it.

I also believe that It depends what a person is doing, how a person feels about themselves and so on and so fourth. For me, I wear an afro. mainly Because I wanted to. Other reasons is that I haven't been to the Barber in a whole year .LOL .. I Had My hair braided about 5 times this year. since August. I think that's cool. I have friends that say they don't like guys with braids (yet she does like guys with long hair) .. i kinda thought that defeated the purpose .lol .. but she ain't why i grew my hair. I just wanted a fro! .lol

yeah man, IMO it also shows strengh In black women. especially because many women get critisized for going natural. But Let Beyonce Do it and nobody would see a problem with it. it would be The Style then. I wouldn't neccesarily tell somebody they have to be afro-centric, Although the Natural look is symbolic of a self empowered black person, anyone can be natural without being totally " All Hail The Motherland" afro-centric. .. You get The Picture

I mean Man.. There are Different forms of what you call Natural Too, and that Makes a difference.. You with hair you can have the Natural look and feel but use Products to enhance the whole appeal others Go Non Chemically. I have No Problem with that It's Nappy Power I mean Some Black women's hair are Naturally Curly or Naturally Straight. so hey Natural doesn't always mean Kinky / Locked / Afro ... ya know

Like I said in the begining.. If It Ain't Natural, It's a Lie .. Cause Natural Beauties Are Cuties! . LOL So Many To Choose From, So Little to they realize that they are naturally beautiful. so they cover up to hide The truth. You know. Almost Like that Ludacris song "If I take One More Drink" In The Video where The Luda Takes the woman to his room after a night in the club. He wakes up to see her looking like a Monster ..LOL .. Oh well I'm through with the Examples ..

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