Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Think I Got It ..

In the last entry I posted this Picture of Graffiti I spotted off Broad street uptown..

And Although I don't understand it. with a little research and I think i got it!

Take away the I's from Icontra and Iviva and you have

I Love Zapatistas, I'm Against The Migration

Yeah I look at it like this ...

Viva - Love
Zapatista's is a Revolutionary Liberation's Army (wikipedia)
Contra/ Contradict / Against .. Basically ..LOL
La Migra / The Migration ...

.. am I Right or am I wrong??? ..

With that said .. Yes The Mexicans have Invaded New Orleans and Many of them are Criminals Targeting people of their own kind. and if not. They're just Illegal Immigrants. so The mexican-Americans who have been here prior too This Migration seem to hate The fact that these New folks are coming in the city tarnishing their good name! ya know ..

Basically.. Thats gotta be it man.. as for me.. i think that's wild ..But thats just me..

Note From The Book
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