Thursday, December 11, 2008

It Snowed Til like Noon!

yeah man, That was great, its melting now but I went with my dad at abour 11 to get my Nieces Nephew and Bro Out of School. There was a Snowball Fight @ 35 ..LOL ...

man I got in here and I lied down for a good our and i get up like 10 minutes ago and My nephew is OUTSIDE! man i had to change his clothes. MY NIECE wasnt paying attention to him and he walked right out the door and she closed it behind him...

OOO speaking of that between 12 and 1 we had my nephew walking ..LOL he needs to balance himself more but he can do it! im happy, its so funny... NOW TIME FOR MISCHIEF!!

ahh man we gotta keep an eye on him. my nieces are so in to what their doing they dont pay attention to anything.. i asked my niece who opened the door and she didnt respond .. (it was the wind) but she was guilty of CLOSING THE DOOR! smh though..
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