Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year, New Yahoo?

For Email, I've Permanently switched to Gmail, But Yahoo Instant Messenger Is still The Popular Choice for Messaging. Long Ago I changed my user account name to JMCBook. as of yesterday now its under the same account. But when Texting through a phone, the account does not show up offline and will only recieve messeges when online. Therefore when I send from the Phone. It will only show up as Tuba_Bookman. But I'm About to get Rid of that Account for good.

The Only thing that sux about that Is that I have Saved Info within that account. I don't want to export those addresses. As for the mail. I still will not Use. Because well.. I just don't like That ajax format. They could have chosen a better design ya know. LOL

Should I Get A New Name? If so. What? .lol

This is for Texting and Messanging purposes only. Gotta have that SMS ya know!

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