Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So now i'm Like...

.... Hmmm... She changed Her Stuffs, I guess that Means she realized Something.., oh well.. Suits me. I'm still good.. Wow man..LOL I think she thought I was playing about that "she so beautiful" status being about her ..LOL but I was serious (in a playful way) ..lol but yeah I ment it.


yeah she's my buddy and I couldn't really see myself trying to mes with her. But if it ever comes to a point where we could coexist ..LOL . yeah I'd go for it . and then she's good at what she does.. Oddly enough shes a good friend of mine and is about the same with everyone she meets I'm just tripped out off of her Man.. He's a cool dude. but he acts like somebody's gonna take her away. ..Questioning her every move and things.. he didn't like that we took a picture together .. that not cool. she my buddy I ain't tryin to get with her. LOL!!! .. but hey..LOL..

Yeah Man! .. Thats just how it is sometimes ..lol
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