Sunday, December 07, 2008

Stretchin' and Markin

Man Man Man... It seems like everyday i get waken up by random phone calls More than Once. Why? Because My Sister and her Ex always need to talk to Their Son. Why? because he Practically LIVES HERE! Why? Because They Both Don't Keep Him Home.. Alright The Dude is Sick..... Thats all I can say to that. BUT DANG MAN I DON'T NEED YALL CALLING ME 24/7 EVERY TIME YALL NEED HIM!.. CALL THE HOUSE PHONE IT WORKS!!!...

This Happens EVERY MORNING, I get Waken up for 6 because my nephew has to get ready for school. .. yet he's already ready when I get up...... So I lay back down.. and I get another call saying Tell'em to come outside.. then i have to get an assurance call from My sister asking if he's ok or to put him on the phone .. i swear Im about to stop answering. Because I get waken up every morning. and I get random calls between 7 and 12 .. I like to Sleep til 2pm when im not watching my nephew. And That Just make it bad for me ..LOL

.. As for The Stretchin' and Markin ..LOL .. YEAH MAN I'm all Fat and Uncomfortable to the point where I can feel it and it doesnt feel good!!

Other than that I have to do something with my hair man.. lol its kinda wild

I'll be posting again soon..
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