Monday, December 22, 2008

Thinking of Chanel

It's Wild man, A Year has gone by and the person that killed her may still be out there.
Every time i think about that it scares me man. Had I ever known of the person that did it. I would probably Suplex the hell out of them.. Not Kill'em but Criple them. Now days though you never know, They're probably already dead.

There have been Nearly 200 murders this year. maybe 180+ i'm not sure. But that is HIGH!!! last year my cousin was like #204 and thats sad to even know that The same amount of people lost their lives this year. The Cycle Never ends.

I Really don't Know what to say from here on but man. 1 year ago That murder should not have happened.

I Miss You Chanel, We all do...
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