Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009, First Blog Post Of THe Year

New Day, New 1st week, New Year .. New Beginnings..

What Will 2009 bring for us as a Nation?

No Wars?
No Cat 5 Hurricanes?
New America?
Less Murders In New Orleans?
No Recession?
New Life?
.. man.. yall know what im saying man..

Lets just hope Life Gets Better in America, This Starts with Families bettering themselves.
New Orleans Ended off in the same position it was in 07, Thats a bad thing. Infact even worse. Although the Levee's are "There" they're still not up to Standard of what It should be.
The Murder Rate was High as hell Again. Things are Falling Apart with our City Leadership. when are we going to get beyond Meetings and DO WHAT'S RIGHT? Life Is Hard..We have to make it better...

Wow Man... I'm watching VH1 Soul and one of my Favorite Songs are on now .. So Old School man..

I'm out for now.. Happy New Year folks .. Life Strong and Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!!!

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