Tuesday, February 03, 2009

These Kats just don't understand

So some fool commented on my youtube Video (as others do) after watching the video talking about how much their bands are better than ours and how New Orleans bands Suck.. I deal with people like this Every week . They Say all that junk Now, but Before Katrina when The schools actually had good bands. They were Not Trying to See us across the field or Face to face.

I always ask and they never seem to care nor Try to understand That These bands have been in a rebuilding process since Katrina.

Now Every School has a Totally New Student Body with Members who even never played horns in their life. along with Each School Having New Band Directors and band staff. Therefore Each Band will Not sound as they did Pre Katrina. Especially with People who have never played horns prior to high school

Pre Katrina We had Students that were playing since elementary and Middle school. some of the Best Bands in the Country were all in one City. These Schools had Feeder Systems. over 150 Schools in the city. at least 40 schools hand Bands.. with the 16 Main High Schools.. and the rest Middle schools. You had a Wide Variety of bands to March in and Schools to attend...

Many of these schools dont even Exist now. I'm not askin for Sympathy, I just want to let them know that If a Disaster happened in their city and their schools werent open for a year. their bands would NOT be Perfect, not 1, 2 or 3 years later. This stuff takes time man..

Like this is my 3rd encounter with someone who likes to talk about how bad they think New Orleans bands are. I get Offended when people Get Ignorant with their comments about Our High School bands. Especially because they don't See it My way..

The Best part about it is that The Rebuilding Process is Underway. The Middle School bands have been working Hard to produce The New Generation of New Orleans Bandsmen. People need to respect the fact that We are Showing How Strong We Are..

This isn't a game. It's hard work..

Yeah I honestly know where these bands stand. I know they're not Good. But Out of Respect for The Directors and students in these bands. the most i can do is Promote the Positive aboy of Our Bands. Especially while in the Rebuilding Process All They Need Is Motivation and Inspiration.
All The other Folks that have not been through what we have been through. Have no room to speak and Their Comments are VOID as far as Im Concerned.

They Just Don't Understand..
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