Monday, December 28, 2009

You Needed me but still Didn’t want an answer? Time she Asked, How does she Set up Wireless. I replied that It should already be on, all you have to do is scan for a signal. She replied that she did it and It  couldn’t find a connection. I told her that all she needs is to set up a Wireless Router. She said “I Have That”..I responded, That it should have picked up if it’s wireless. I asked if she had Linksys.  Then she Responded “Don’t Worry, Well Figure it out”… 

End of Convo

So Now I’m like.. Okay,  You asked me about setting it up, but you didn’t tell me what you wanted to be set up exactly. Next time she asks me something I’m going to ask for details because She could have been talking about Anything. I assumed she was talking about on a laptop being that when I asked her about scanning for a signal she said she tried it.  After asking about the Router it makes me wonder if she even had the Router hooked up. or if she was asking me to help her set That up.. But hey she didn’t give any detail.

How To set up Wireless .. “ON WHAT???”.. A Desktop?, Laptop?, Phone? Game System? Printer? Give me details so I can know. and If it is a PC, Tell me what Version and Not the Brand Please. I can Not Navigate you through this if I do not get some detail.

Note, This was the same girl who asked about that laptop the other day, I also forgot to mention the fact that she auctioned thru ebay because she wanted a computer with 8 hours of battery life. when most of the really good systems only had 4 hours worth. So she want to ebay where a guy said the product was brand new and has 8 hours of battery life. She Paid over $500.00, this is why she expected that to be shipped so quickly… Now Suppose this guy sends her a faulty product. you can’t blame Me because you got what you paid for.  Note she could have gotten a better deal from Amazon or Wal-Mart.. but she was stuck on Battery Life. I hope the Battery is Bad when she gets it. then she’d realize that what I told her made a lot of sense. “Don’t Worry about the battery, focus on that pc’s performance level”. But No, Don’t listen to The Book Because The Book is Wrong.. Okay.. When you get your bad Laptop in January don’t thank Nor apologize to me. because apparently I don’t deserve it for all the Help you asked me for….  Don’t curse at me because You don’t Know anything. was a some  other girl on Twitter who asked  “What was the top 3 Laptops?. then saying “I Know Mac Is one But I want to Know some more”…  See, hats when you don’t know things about Computers. Mac is not a Laptop Its an Operating System which has its own Versions Branded Laptops called “MacBooks” .. which is  made up of Hardware created specifically to handle  MacOS X… If I Install Windows 7 on a MacBook, its No longer a Mac..

And Just because for more, What would she expect to be told? WindowsOS and ChromeOS? .. No She Would have probably expected someone to Name a Brand Like Dell, Gateway or HP…  That’s just how Illiterate to Technology people are… If You have a Mac and have no Clue which version of The Operating System you are using. YOU NEED TO BE SLAPPED!..  Same for PC Users, Toshiba  and HP are is not an Operating system!.. I didn’t ask you your Brand!!!

I Also hate when Mac Users say “Mac’s don’t get Viruses” .. YES THEY DO!!.. They get Malware and spyware. And there are Anti-Malware Programs for that OS.
Also. Why is it that people are Fixed on Brands and not the the product itself. For Example. Ipod is an MP3 Player/… But Every MP3 Player is Not An IPod. 

My thing is this, It’s not about The Shell it’s about the  Hardware and the The Software.  Get it Right or Pay the Price.


Note From The Book

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