Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I can’t be on call so often

I realize that the things that I do for folks are valued because I’m always asked to do something for somebody. Yet I call nobody for anything. usually I’m calling to hold a general conversation. I normally converse with about 4 people who don’t ask for “favors”. and one of them I hadn’t talked to in months I had to send her a message telling her that there are times I want to call but i don’t really know when to. She was like “hey u can call anytime”..

my reason for doing that is simply because I don’t know her schedule and i seriously don’t like to be on other folk’s time.  when they could be doing something better. yet. when she’s home and chillin i know we could have a good 2 or 3 hours of valued conversation. why? because that’s just how we get down.

If not those friends, there are a few others who do only call to talk, but I talk to them no more than 4 times in a month. and usually they don’t ask for favors.. Granted some of them ask for information about certain things. but its never  “ I need you to do this… or can you do this for me?”

The folks who usually ask those things are the folks who are never around when I need them. but they sure know how to get to me when they need something done. 
happens on a weekly bases.

Example: Today, I had to turn down somebody because he wanted me to call up his baby’s momma and pretend to be someone else, just to see what she’d say. I told him that I don’t get involved with that kind of stuff. anything else is different. but that i just dont do../

The only Acceptable ones are usually folks who are looking for info that only requires my knowledge not how i apply it. I can share info any day, but when it comes to Doing something for folks that doesn’t benefit me. I have to start seriously saying N.O. because it gets aggravating at times.

Folks always want something for free. but can’t do anything for me..

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