Friday, October 01, 2010

Create-A-Wrestler Match: Justin Gabriel vs Showtime Percy Watson

Smackdown VS Raw 2009 | Playstation 2. - Justin Gabriel vs Showtime Percy Watson

I did this on my Ps2 Last night and completed it this morning.
If you follow wrestling,  you know that the Characters in this video are Based on real wrestlers currently with the WWE, and Of Course they’re not on any Games.

Here you have Justin Gabriel of NXT season 1 – Member of the "NEXUS” Stable.
His Theme Music here is “Perry Mason” by Ozzy Osborn. If you’re familiar with the old ECW, you’ll know that Chris Chetti used that is his entrance theme. In this case I used it in place of the Nexus Theme, which sounds nothing like it.

You also have “Showtime Percy Watson of NXT Season 2.  If you’ve seen him in action you’ll know why I left the glasses on him. …LOL
His Theme Music is of WWE’s “Fabulous Moolah”.  I chose this music technically because it slightly fits his Character Persona. 

The Match Music is from ECW’s Anarchy Rock’s Album.

it didn’t take long to do. I may do another one tomorrow. 

it’s 6:50 I’m about to grab some grub and watch Smackdown on SYFY!

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