Friday, October 15, 2010

I should have been there.

By the looks of it, the OPSB Wants more of their schools back, and so do parents and teachers.  Why? because They’ve found that the OPSB has been moving in the right direction, while some RSD schools have no sign of "Recovery”. 

There are a number of schools the RSD has which are Great. some of them have Selective enrollment, Other Schools are open to everyone. from what I’ve seen, it took maybe 3 years for the RSD to establish themselves in the city and they’ve come along just fine. Along with the great things, It seems as though the RSD has become responsible for some things, that Students, Alumni, and Parents just don’t like. 

Some schools  they’ve reopened are now Closed, Others have had Name changes & Grade classification to fit a certain criteria. In some area’s the schools wont accept neighborhood students who may have a hard time traveling across town to other schools.. small issues like that have cause lack of support from the community

The Biggest Issue of the Meeting they had Yesterday was Performance levels and the fact that OPSB’s Improved and has outdone the RSD so far in test scores. Now of course they feel that they’ve become more stable to run more schools.  Someone at the meeting suggested that OPSB take the Failing Schools from RSD and leave the Good Charters to RSD.  In my Opinion. That would make sense. But, the purpose of Recovery is to make the bad schools better.classroom-hands-raised.JPG

A while back, the Original purpose of RSD was to Create a system to get  New Orleans Public Schools back on the right track, and then give them back to the OPSB, basically being a temporary district put in place to Help the Orleans Parish School Board. Now days, that situation has come to the point where RSD is doing their own thing with no regard to OPSB. and Now that OPSB wants more control, some folks see it as a problem due to OPSB’s Past.  

I support Both Districts myself, but I think there needs to be one system governing Majority of the schools here. Preferably the OPSB. though. because the way I see it is, although RSD doing what they do to better educate the students. they’re destroying traditions by changing so much. Many folks may say.. “it’s just a school”.. but school traditions are the foundation of Pride, the things that make people feel good about going to school.  My alma Mater’s about to be demolished after 5 years of closure because NOBODY did anything to save it. not OPSB, not RSD.. nothing. it was just There.  THAT should have been brought up at the meeting..  LAWLESS AND DOUGLASS should have been brought up at the meeting. there are NO public High schools in the Lower 9th ward. what about those students.


I just wish I could have been at that meeting to hear some of the people give their points of views.

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