Saturday, October 02, 2010

LSU’s Winning Streak Is a CONSPIRACY!

Especially with that win today! .. OH YEAH! LSU’s been putting in some work!

okay now that I’ve gotten that off my chest.. On to other things…

My dog got Neutered today he hasn’t eaten sense yesterday and won’t be eating today. I guess that’s supposed to assure that he doesn’t urinate or move a bowel during the surgical and healing hours.  He’ll be able to eat tomorrow though.

I love this new version of Windows Live Writer . I haven’t tried any other program of the Windows Live Essentials 2011 pack since downloading it yesterday. I wish they would have made a version compatible to windows XP or at least a 32 bit chipset Because I can’t download it on to my Room PC or Laptop. they both are XP and can’t be upgraded due to the Processors being 32 bits. I even get a live word count on here this time. I love this! lol

I was supposed to go to St. Aug’s Homecoming game or Easton’s game but I woke up late… and well .. I’m just here…

We have HBO NOW! got to see Bill Maher do his “Barry Whitehouse” thing.
There have been a number of decent movies and documentaries that have played in the past 3 days.

There were some other things.. but I guess I’ll blog about them later!.

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