Monday, October 25, 2010

Now That My Work is Complete.. on to more

Today I finally finished the 10th edit to the JFK Videos, I’ll post those I haven’t in another entry. My Weekend was great, I got a chance to go through the school 1 more time. see some old faces, meet some new faces. some I’ve only known through Facebook.

Speaking of that, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from the videos, folks think they’re great!. some folks say they cried, some ask why did I put sad music on it. I was like, Man It was all for dramatic effect. Laughing out loud  I love the videos myself.

This weekend was a lot crazier though. I thought it was great! my arms are hurting from filming with my hand in the air for so long. I think I’m going to edit this thing over and over because too many people were on it trying do club promo’s. or (and if you’ve read my blog in the past, you know I hate that) .. otherwise its generally heavy use of profanity. but hey, I got to let folks be themselves. otherwise it’s not them.

Now that the event is over, on to More crazy promotions. lol.  Ha.. and I just got through saying I hate Well, My sister saw one guys flyers for the Club even and figured I could make one to promote a Christmas event for JFK Alumni.

Meanwhile  I’m talking to my sister and watching my nephew at the same time  then Somebody’s at the door.. It was my cousin.who called 2 days ago to ask if I was going to be able to help them him with homework. Saturday I my mom told them I wasn’t here. today they showed up unexpectedly.

So basically, My cousin had to do a 500 to 1000 word essay on adding another grade level to schools in N.O.  He said he needed help. but when I started trying to help him, he walked off to go play the XBox…. The Boy had so many misspelled words and he had a nerve enough to have a thesaurus with him. I asked if he had the document on a flash drive. he said yeah…. AT HOME.. I'm like.. …you going to have to do the whole thing over.

He Called his mom to come get him.. it was around 3. he said he had practice at school for 4.. He didn’t go cause he was here.Shifty Anyway,  Basically I rewrote his entire essay. I Fixed nearly every error possible adding more words which still equaled less to the required amount.  The Essay was very repetitive. I changed so much until it got confusing to me.

After I was done, I told him that he may need to add more, which means he’s going to have to write it over completely. I can give him the file I wrote up. but he doesn’t have an have normal access to a PC, and doesn’t really know how to check email in that way.

I think its sad, I hate the fact that when ever I’m in the midst of something, somebody comes to me for some more help. basically just throwing themselves at me so I can do favors for them. I can’t just say NO because they’re here and they see what I’m doing.

Oh and I forgot to mention that my nephew was acting up the whole time. because he cried to be held by me, I couldn’t do the boys paper quick enough.  I’m glad he’s going to the nursery. That’ll be a big load off for me.  At this point I’m about to take on the world!.

I’m out

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