Saturday, October 16, 2010

Randomness October Edition

A few Months ago, I was on the Louisiana Leadership Institute website where I saw that the webmaster used my pictures within  a Transitioning Image frame. I think it’s cool because the pictures are old. but I guess they’ve done their justice. I appreciate it. if only they would have credited me.

Things like this make me feel like my work is great, many have given me kudos for my work. I appreciate it all.

Here’s what I’m referring too though.

lol soon after I went to Facebook got this error message trying to post some music links.

Yall Probably don’t get this, but this was basically an argument with a rival band during the first week of September.  I copied it just because it was proof of the fact that band members from that school see that particular event as something HUGE, and it’s not all that…. But.. when a band doesn’t travel. they act like they’re the only ones that do when they

This Chat was funny.. Not because Trumpet Barnum sounds like a Leprechaun, but because the other guy asked “What is Co-Ed” ..smh **Facepalm** lol

One thing you don’t do when I’m admin.. that’s  have multiple accounts to post on certain forums or in certain areas. I have 1 account and I can do EVERYTHING from that 1 account.

at this point the guy was mad, so I banned him again

Another reason folks get banned from the site, we ask that folks put the right info. false info is automatic banishment because we’re trying to prevent spam..   many of these were multiple choice. but you’re supposed to choose what YOU are.. not ALL OF THEM..

Haha.. That Bandhead Artwork.. I Sketched this up.. it wasn’t my best but I’m good.

Old Msport Screenshot

B. Franklin is in this pic walking past the camera

An Old N.O Rap group Album cover… don’t know what happened to them.


Another.. this guy coached football and walked with the band

Fila Phil dude’s like a  a N.O rap Legend now

Name says it all

and you saw the video I posted of this… and Pi You Screenshot

here’s one from an earlier version of that series of console games

The K

Retro Contra



That’s it for now folks

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