Saturday, October 02, 2010

Rick Sanchez got Fired because of this radio Interview.

*it's audio*

I watch Rick Sanchez all the time, I even follow him on Twitter... but wow man.

For a guy who doesn't like to be made fun of. he sure likes to put people on blast on his own show"
but at the same time  I like his show. I guess he went off on the deep end. calling John Stewart a "Bigot" and even implying that CNN was controlled by Jews...

I think CNN's had intentions on firing him long ago because of how he treats his guests. Here's a guy who Drills his guests to get Facts, yet he wants his guests to get to the point without giving an explanation....and It makes his show interesting... 

When he gets put blast and Things like this happen...
Looks like The Only place he can go now is MSNBC,,,,,

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