Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some people turn out to be CRAZY!

So I was on Facebook yesterday, I got a friend invite from a girl who’s name is Keisha. This particular Keisha was a girl I went to middle school with. she as real slim. yet mischievous.
because of the picture being so small, I added her because I recognized the name. 

After the add, I was going to say Hi, but i noticed that her pictures was of her butt and vagina, the album was labeled “FREAK”. I saw tat she added my boy Mike, so i sent mike a message like “ay man,  what’s up with Keisha and those pictures, I think its disgusting”… Mike responded in question wondering if the profile was real.  I think it was real myself because she added me and I didn’t technically remember her  enough to add her like that.

Mike stated tat he had deleted her and marked her as spam. LOL. i feel him though, that’s not what face book is for. but dang. Some people turn out to be CRAZY!.

Speaking of friends, 2 folks from elementary and middle school added me. one (danielle) was actually a good friend coming up. The other was just somebody i Knew from the time. She also graduated from High school with me,. and even is married to somebody I marched with in the band it TSU. that was funny to me.

All in all. since this Kennedy thing, I’ve been connecting with alot of people. so that’s a good thing….. (on to another entry)

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