Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some things better left undone

Over the weekend, The Most heated rivalry in the SWAC came about. the J-State vs Southern game. surrounding this event is all the discussions taking place on various band sites

3 weeks before this game there was an event in Jackson evolving both bands that sparked off heated discussions along the forums this season. some filled with funny smack talk, others were just name calling unnecessary arguing. this is what baldheads normally do.

As the game became underway, topics were getting crazier. folks on the forum began to complain about being harassed… Name Calling, this is common, but after this particular situation was resolved. the user continued to bring more heat on to himself by enticing discussions in a negative way.  as stated, this happens all the time. but over this weekend it was Double trouble just because the big game was underway.

And then there was the game….I didn’t go.. But The Madness Began Right after the Longest National Anthem Ever………


The Crowd Responds In Rage! LOL

….. Bleh.. So I didn’t attend the game.. But after the game got over. the folks flooded the site with clips and continuous smack and heated arguments. one of these arguments included the screenshot of a dancers facebook status along with her friends about how they got “cheated” (I’ll explain Later on in this entry)  That specific dancer is not a current member of the site but she reads all the time and did see the thread so I erased that screenshot from the site.

Speaking of that dance forum There was also a guy on there who creates smack threads about dance teams, and when his favorite team is smacked he calls them haters, runs to the dancers facebook pages and tells them he’s defending them.  Generally he starts all the mess he brought to the threads he creates.  After doing that this weekend, another user basically told him about himself.  I personally think it’s all funny. but hey. If he doesn’t want the argument he shouldn’t start the argument.

As for The Cheating and all the other madness.  Note, This game is a heated battle. at the end of the game the bands would Battle song for song in what we call the 5th Quarter. in this particular case. Southern’s band was told to leave the stands.


After Following orders, they made their way down to the field as J-states band continued to play.  This made the battle more intense. At this point SU’s band lines up in concert formation to play some music when were once again cut off by the police and forced to leave the stadium. The Directors were angered by this, . During this particular moment, one of Southern’s Director walk’s to the cameramen from Marchingsport & Their Band site to explain on film what had just occurred. soon came another camera man who heckled not the already angered Director which caused him to respond using obscenities. The Heckler’s recording came online sparking Many arguments on our site. The JSU folks were online running amok with it too.

I was eventually contacted by that particular director  he asked that the video be removed from the site. Not only did I do that, but I deleted the discussions as well as made some phone calls to assure that the guy who uploaded the clip to youtube would delete it. it was all done. the sad part is that more people are asking for the clip to be put back up and wondering why threads and posts are missing   But They Know for a fact that really shouldn’t be online..

With that said..
The moment was embarrassing not only on for him, but to the whole band. i think he realized that after he left the scene. he even mentioned that he felt bad about it  it clearly out of character. noting that he shouldn’t have said anything to begin with

He has a right to speak on those events.. but As a band director he has boundaries that he can’t really cross. and at that point he did. But I totally understand… why? .. well, because  I wouldn’t want to be hounded or  heckled by someone i don’t know. I’d probably go off on that person myself. but being that he’s in the director it wasn’t the right way to go about handling that situation.

From the stand point of a rival bandsmen… as well as being a bandhead. it’s something we can either laugh at or talk badly about. because we know for a fact there are moments like this happening all the time. Many situations like it get recorded and posted online as well. but when a band director does it intentionally. it makes the situation 100 times greater. whether its for better or worse.  this time it was for worse because this director was basically verbally attacked.

As a Media man, as well as being admin of a site that promotes bands in a positive light you’re supposed to be unbiased toward these things. and it was rude for that cameraman to even walk up to cause an argument. it’s the kind of thing that shouldn’t have been posted on the site due to the fact that we’re in the business of promoting a positive image for these bands and steadily somehow their members and fans do the opposite. .. and they act like  this one situation is the worst thing they’d ever seen.. not by a long shot..

In this below clip you can just about see  from the stands what’s going on.  .. there are number of camera guys playing.. you could see one of the directors walk toward the camera.. that’s before the actual altercation… but you can just about tell that the director was upset..

Lastly though, out of all respect for both programs the all clips from the ground of the situation was taken  offline.

Many called i classless, tasteless and ignorant. I call it a bandhead.
and of course. some things are better left undone

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