Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This dude dun messed the TV up for real!

So alright. The TV already has this blue overcast. it’s been there for a long time already. but now the TV’s orange light bulb is on simply because he chose to spray some stuff on the screen.  I stopped him too late and now there’s a big black area that wasn’t there yesterday..

My mom’s going to get up and trip hard.. but hey we always knew the tv needed to be fixed.. yesterday we were cleaning up and wiping things off and talking about it..  …my mom left a bottle spray bottle of cleaning chemicals out overnight . my nephew randomly pics this stuff up today and sprayed it at the bottom of screen from SUPER-CLOSE range…  aaaaaaaaah man black spot. smh..

as much as I try to keep this dude out of things . once again I’m too late.. and this is going to cause some mayhem in this house.

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