Thursday, November 11, 2010

Before I head to bed I have to get this one in.

I haven’t really slept in a good 2 days. naps yeah, but no True sleep.
Why? well.. Obviously.. j/k…  I’ve been getting this footage together for a DVD. and well, yeah! it’s looking pretty good.  Ocean vs Jukebox. I’m not got to sell it. I know Smokey will though. I hope he knows that I have my name all over it ..LOL it’s beautiful just beautiful.

Oh, I don’t know if I mentioned. but my brother was given Zelda: Twilight Princes, for Wii. I told my brother that I'm going to give him 25 for it because it was generous to just give away a game.. otherwise, I wanted the game anyway..LOL! ..

I was thinking about hoping in the tub and then going to get a hair cut by morning. but no, I'll wait till bayou classic weekend ..LOL

TSU play’s Grambling tomorrow, I won’t be there but I think it’s a great thing. The Initiative is in full effect ..LOL!

Looks like the 01 class still wants me to be involved in their festivities. I recently talked to one Wayne G, Class of 01’s reunion committee. They still need a photographer. I told him to keep his options open because I may not be able to do it.. That event IS scheduled for next summer though.  They still want me involved since they know they can use me. LOL glad I’m invited though

Another Project would be With an Omega Psi Phi Step Tourney, I’ll attempt at advertizing  what they need via face book after filming them.. it depends on how they’re going to make this happen. what’s wild is that he only wants about 10 minutes of footage of each. yet he wants to have only a 5 minute video or so. Boy am I going to have to start writing things down to remember! LOL! .. shame. but I’m all for it.

I Think I’m going in for tonight..  I’ll post them clips to my blog .. it’s basically both bands throughout the game battling it out.

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