Sunday, November 07, 2010

Had a great time out there today

Man, I got out there with Gerard,  first thing I had to do was catch up with the Ocean. and boy did I  I had a good time with them. Met some new folks, saw some old faces and reacquainted with folks I’d known for a while.  It was good times for me. Small issues prevented me from getting “great” footage. but I have some that’s good enough.

in a way I had More to say, but I guess that all sums it up. nah but yeah it was a great day for me..  The Football team Won.. TSU 57.. SU 7.. The Band kicked butt! lol..  OCEAN! OCEAN! .. Texas Southern was great. Looks like the Sprit Initiative worked.

yeah man it’s great!.. I got to see my people from TSU and SU.. lastly talked with some dancers.. ate with’em and left. lol it was nice. I’ll post pic’s and clips soon.

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