Friday, November 19, 2010

HBO’s Bit on Hazing in HBCU bands

I gotta watch this when it airs

LG’s telling the truth there. Sounds like the harsh reality of band but I totally understand because it’s  what really goes on. I’m guessing it was part of his agreement with the court, I don’t know but I’m glad he’s keeping it real & telling it like it is. That 2 minute piece makes me want to see the whole thing.

The Irony and of course it’s intentional is the fact that they’re airing this before the Bayou Classic.  it’s been two years and the band has been trying to move beyond it since then. but it seems as though they’re being slapped in the face with it again.

in the past 2 years This year they’ve managed to do a load of events counting news documentaries and so on that were great for the band. this particular documentary just basically uses them as an example for the many bad things that come out of these bands.

At this point I see that the documentary isn’t only about Southern University’s band, but about all HBCU Bands and hazing incidents.  They’re just using SU because there's made world news.

Seems like The people on the band forums aren’t surprised. Many of them who have marched in SU’s band hates the idea that they’re front and center but IMO it just about comes with the territory. It’s like asking how could bands so great, and have what seems to be a dark side?.  If I were asked that. my only answer would be.  It happens in organizations Everywhere.

To expound on that though would be similar to what Dr. Liddell from JSU said after the incident at JSU Most incoming freshmen already know what to expect when they get in these bands.  It’s part of what makes them want to join the band. but when nothing is done to prevent this from the beginning it could get out of control fast. That’s not exactly what he said but hey it’s true.  the thing is, The students have the option to say no. even if they’re forced they can avoid physical hazing..  (Mainly a beating)

Overall, as said above It sparked madness on the band forums, most questioning HBO’s reason for airing. Others defending their school's name. others lashing out at Bryant Gumbal *lol* some event balancing the playing field asking why is this focusing on HBCU’s when it happens at Predominantly White Colleges as well.

One person commented saying that the HBCU sports market is small that he doubts that many will even watch.  at the same time it could ruin potential sponsorships for the bands within the documentary.

all in all, Hazing is bad, Everybody in any organization has seen it or experienced it in some fashion. it’s not something bands are denying. band members talk about hazing openly amongst each other no mater what band they were in. it’s not something we glorify. it’s just something that happens. I don’t think its 100% Preventable but if members make the decision to stand against it. Hazing wouldn’t be an issue.

The Truth about band is, in order to get something you got to go through something. every aspect of band is a challenge, no mater your rank is. Our bands train like Armies. it’s like Survival of the fittest. you’re either do what it takes to stay in or Quit. You don’t have to be pressured into being physically or mentally abused  by peers to understand that.

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