Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Don’t agree with all the heat against LG

Although I spoke about this before the weekend, I have more to say because the HBCU bandsmen are talking, those who marched with LG or were members of the SU band are outraged by the interview. there’s even somebody lashing out at the him under the HBO clip on YouTube.

Folks are speaking on the Level of Loyalty He had for the band and his peers. He’s being called fake and all kinds of things.  what they don’t realize is that he did nothing more but expound on a situation that had already been made public. The Media isn't demonizing SU’s band more than they've done damage to their own reputation for allowing it to come to this point.  They’ve always had somewhat of a Dual reputation and it's always been known by the band community & fans of the bands..

Things Fights & Hazing situations either making the news or caught on camera, these situations are always talked about amongst the band community.. but folks only see it as a problem when  the issue gets public attention There’s no need for band heads to act brand new.. You don’t have to protect what has already been spoken. Let the people know what goes on and change the way the band functions internally. there’s no sense on keeping what you assume is tradition. because it’ll always result in the downfall of these organizations.

It’s like Making the MLB Hall of Fame and having an Asterisk next to your name. when you could have avoided the asterisk by playing fair and doing the right thing to get to where you have come,

I mentioned on bandhead.org 2 days ago,  that non-band folks who grow up watching these bands have an idea of what happens simply because they hear the stories of what goes on.  those or the folks who typically glorify the hazing aspect but give excuses to why they didn’t march.. they’re also the same folks quick to assume that others were scared to get hazed.  .. Why make that assumption if you made no effort trying to join the band.

Anyone going in to these bands normally know what they’re getting into. they have the option to not do it. but many of them choose to do it for cool points.  at the end of the day it doesn’t matter to anybody but the parties involved.

  I’m not an advocate of hazing but I did take part in it in High school. the only reason is because it was something that happened to me during my first year. it wasn’t a traditional thing. nor did it make me better at what i did.  Hazing has no positive effect on any bandsmen, it only makes that member paranoid. My boy Billy Dee got hit by a speeding truck while running away from upperclassmen… yeah it was a freak accident but it happened partly as a result of what could have been a physical hazing. the dude survived and is well now. but he sure couldn’t come back to the band full time because of it.

Generally, The SU folks feel singled out simply because of the 2 minute clip. but the focus will be on all HBCU bands, and may have a negative affect on our craft. many are saying our craft is being disrespected but its something that would come sooner or later. To me I’m not surprised by it because the bands being highlighted seemed to be asking for this kind of attention.  This show is only going to prove that the kind of hazing that occurs within these bands is pointless.

We only can protect our craft by doing what's right.  otherwise we’re hurting our own.

It airs tonight and I will be watching.

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