Monday, November 01, 2010

I’m Free …LOL!

I’ve been watching my nephew since he was maybe 3 or 4 months old.  Every year when school starts, he’s been here.  It’s been nearly 3 full years and well, I’m finally relieved from those duties.  My Nephew started going to the Nursery today. I think it’s great because he gets to be around children his age. that way he can interact with them, rather than being around grown folks or people that will purposely teach him some crazy and unnecessary stuff.

For Him. I just hope he learns to behave while there., cause here, sometimes he got in to things that made no since. LOL but hey, he isn’t too knowledgeable of the dangers of anything, he just “does” things.  the best thing about it is that. he won’t be near fluids enough to spill and step it.  That’s all he would do here.

well, Now that I’m free from him. I can do something else during the day, Like go find a job. I’ve been thinking about making my way to tha Zoo to fill out an application, I may check online to see if there’s an app there. I wouldn’t mind working out there. that’s a nice park

For Me I want to do something uncommon amongst my people,  they all seem to work at stores like Lowes, Wal-mart, home depot.  for me, that’s not what I need to do. working around kinfolks is a distraction. and they all want to be in your biz. so yeah. I have to get out and do it. It’s going to happen before the year’s out. that’s all I really have to say about that. 

it beats telling folks I have to watch my nephew. folks think I make up excuses to say why I haven’t gone anywhere. yet the same people always claim they're doing something when ya need them around. I got to get out more. but for a good reason. and It’s that time.

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