Friday, November 19, 2010

It’s a Messed up City we live in.

After Reading the comments and news reports about Messy Mya’s murder, I think it’s just sad that we live in a city plagued by murder. according to the comments beneath this article at His mother was Killed  long ago by her Boyfriend who apparently killed himself when police broke down the door.

It’s even mentioned that His Grandpa’s a local businessman who’s currently in prison for charges of corruption dating back to Marc Morials term as mayor.  Folks are commenting about is grandfather and he has nothing to do with anything. The only reason his grandfather was mentioned was to Tie Messy Mya’s real name to a name we would recognize.

The articles and comments all talk about his Videos being outspoken, comedic, and even outlandish for some. others feel like his style of comedy got him “popped” as he would say “Now who gon’ Pop me?” …  Others are responding to these articles acknowledging the fact that all he did was entertain. it’s what made him who he was. He wasn’t a criminal he was an entertainer.  He was a MAN in preparation of being a father. He was just doing what he loves to do and It’s sad that he won’t get to see his child.

With that said. I’ve seen the photos from the vigil with Signs that say “Enough Is Enough” and I feel it I’m just glad that things are being said and done about this crime. but it’s one of many that need to be resolved. nobody has to die like that. or put online dead for that matter. this is one of the few times I’ve seen a community take action against crime to the point where social networking is heavily involved.  There’s now a suspect and it’s all because the people are talking. that’s a great thing. Shouldn’t have happened at all.

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