Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nothing Big, Nothing Big… Yeah I said it Twice. LOL

Nothing Like Catching up with folks you haven’t seen or heard from in a while, I just got in contact with someone who was in HS band with me. Good stuff.

Folks seem to have enjoyed the photos from the Bayou Classic. I’m just waiting on these videos to be done with. I spent nearly 3 hours uploading a clip via Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 and it failed. I have 2 going now on Youtube, direct from the web.

Speaking of Photos, I was messing with Sea about that old photographer who told me that he liked her body. LOL she thought that was gross. LOL. I had fun at the battle through. this time my footage was way better simply because I have a good cam. otherwise im still not as steady as I want to be and my handle on the stabilizer is stripped at the screw area.

All today I've been getting comments beneath pictures, aside from that folks are asking for clips. even though others have already released their footage. lol. it’s cool though.

The Alumni band has started again, I’ll decline this time around for personal reasons. most having to do with Life, no beefs or anything. it’s just that I got things to do and things to get done. it’s likely I’ll tape the even though.

After a weekend that had my back and legs sore. I came home only to watch Shanice try bag a turkey.. funny!

as for the rest of the night, folks asked why wasn’t I out.. well hey.. LOL I was hurtin..lol


Glad this is almost finished


I’m actually still working on footage as we speak.

I’ll be on maybe another Hour b4 I head to bed.

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