Friday, December 03, 2010

Not a Childhood Cartoon But…

I’ve realized everybody’s posting cartoons in their avatars as “Something to do” in honor of the whole “Fight against child abuse” thing. there were threads asking how is it helping, why not donate to some fund against child abuse rather than playing along with the rest of facebook. the  only purpose for doing it is not to see a human face till December 10th.

I was going to put up a cartoon, but I had so many favorites just to play along…. Instead.  The Movie Tales from the Hood came to mind… I know people won’t like it but I posted  it because it makes perfect sense . ( I only posed the second half via youtube)

as funny as I think it is, (Due to the fictional side) It represents something very real. a child's depiction of an abuser.  …… the best part about it is, at the end he got’em!..

David Alan Griers Role in this was Wild to me!…. Up until this movie, I had never seen him play such a serious role.

it’s wild to me….

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