Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saw My Own Work at McKenna Museum

Last night I was at this Alumni Event There, it wasn’t the greatest event due to so much going on but it was still nice. It was my first time in the building, I was looking at the artwork all of it was nice. I was telling my sister about  how they host exhibits and that the place is a great place for casual gatherings rather than house-like parties.

While walking out, (after the Liquor man left) I noticed This area dedicated to Brandon Franklin, A Young Musician and band director here in N.O.

I noticed a photo I had taken was in the bunch.
Here’s the Area.
The photo I had taken is of Brandon  holding the sax in the white shirt.  I was surprised to see my photo on this memorial because I had no clue  about this one.

Last night I told Lisa P about it. telling her that I don’t know if it’s weird to say, but I appreciate that my work is being put to use… this may sound selfish, but I’d appreciate it more if I was credited.

Hey It looks great there. I wonder who was responsible for this.  I’m thinking that these all came from the Facebook Memorial page where I tagged that particular to photo after his death.

I’ve said it once before but I think it’s wild how my photos are put to use when folks die. After Brandon died, That same photo was featured in a number of publications with my permission. if you type his name in Google, that photo will be the first one of him that appears.  I think it’s amazing.  it also makes me want to start charging folk! lol… but I’m good….
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