Thursday, January 06, 2011

The DVD’s Coming along just fine

I’m almost complete. I’m just looking for something to put in a spot for the DVD Menu that was blank. In this pic bellow I filled it with “Ladies & Gentlemen Fine-tune Your Sensory Apparatus..”

yeah,  I’ve been up all night once again trying to get this done. but I’m good.  I’ve upoaded the full thing online. but if folks want to buy it. this version is slightly different due to the fact that I’ve changed contrast levels. the original is fine. but this one is continuous.

I hope those who get it, enjoy it when they do see it as the final product. I don’t think $10 is asking for much. That’s what I’m charging if I have to make DVD’s for people.

I’m done uploading all the still frames, I hope the people are happy too.

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