Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'll be getting a new Phone soon

For the past 2 months I’ve been having issues with this phone.  so yesterday I called up T-Mobile to talk about getting the phone fixed. They informed me that my warranty was voided but I had an Upgrade ready. (which I had already known about the upgrade.).  I was already logged in to my T-Mobile account at 2 phones that were free. One was the Garmin-Asus Garminfone, The other was a Dash 3g.

I id some comparisons on the phones, the only big difference is that one is a GBS Unit that dubs as a phone. The other is Like a windows version of a Blackberry. So likewise I went with The Dash 3g.

Hopefully I’ll be able to Sync my phone numbers from Google, otherwise I’ll be asking for everyone's number via facebook. LOL. The Garmin Phone had a better camera, but I don’t need it. I take pics with a real camera.

Oddly Enough, Yesterday I got what I needed from my sister which was her old Black Berry Battery. and because of it, I know that my blackberry works fine (asside from the usual software mishaps) .. but I guess I’m good until then.

Can’t wait to get that phone.

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